Tuesday 15 April 2014

Lunar Eclipse in Libra: What Will Stay in Place?

On 15 April 2014 at 7.42 am, GMT, we have the first lunar eclipse of the year on the 25th degree of Libra, which of course implies that the Sun is opposite on the 25th degree of Aries. A lunar eclipse is a full moon which is though quite charged with energy because one of the two lights in our solar system (the Moon in this case) is ‘switched off’. This intensifies the importance of the full moon and marks the culmination of situations related to our family, home, emotional life and relationship with women in general and mother in particular. The culmination implies that a significant chapter in the above areas closes now and gives way to a new chapter. Furthermore, due to the nature of the signs (Aries - Libra) where the Sun-Moon axis falls, this new chapter illuminates the importance of self-expression and satisfaction of our personal desires (Sun in Aries) which may oppose our need for seeking companionship and for respecting the wishes of important others in our lives (Moon in Libra).

Because the Sun-Moon axis of the current eclipse coincides with the axis of the last lunar eclipse of 2013 which took place on October 18th with the Moon on the 25th degree of Aries, it is obvious that matters that concerned us back then concern us also now. It is possible too that the chapter we choose to close now opened last October. Moreover, the fact that this eclipse takes place with Pluto stationary retrograde means that there opens a revision period. This revision period, which will last until Pluto turns direct again towards the end of September 2014, is associated with possibly radical changes that came about in our lives last October. It is thus a period that invites us to ‘digest’ those changes so that when Pluto turns direct in September we are able to move forward with the application of what we became aware of regarding those changes that were introduced into our lives last October. The application of our internal realizations will take time and will last at least until mid-January 2015 when Pluto finds itself on the same degree it occupies now.

The fact that Pluto is involved with four other planets (Mercury, Uranus, Jupiter and Mars) in an aspect pattern known as grand cross brings to mind the image of people living in great tension because they have inexhaustible reserves of energy in their eager little hands. This energy they can use to make a brand new start that changes radically their whole lives (grand cross in cardinal signs). And to do that they need to find a way to fulfill a wide range of requirements that are at times mutually exclusive. On the one hand, sudden realizations about how people see themselves (Mercury-Uranus in Aries) may endanger any collaborative initiatives that had previously been taken or fights that might have been given for relationships or marriages to stay alive (Mars retrograde in Libra). On the other hand, professional or grave changes in people’s lives (Pluto in Capricorn) seem to contradict their faith in family and their need to preserve family ties (Jupiter in Cancer).

These contradictions create such conflict and tension that people are left wondering about what to keep and what to get rid of. Should they believe in their family (Jupiter in Cancer)? Should they fight for a partnership / relationship / marriage (Mars in Libra)? Should they focus on their career with the possibility of even changing occupation (Pluto in Capricorn)? Or should they make their personal revolution against everyone and everything without thinking about the consequences (Uranus in Aries)? Answers to these questions do not come easy but some kind of sacrifice is definitely needed. This is implied by Venus in Pisces, the only planet that makes some sort of aspect to the Sun - Moon axis. In fact, its conjunction with Chiron and Neptune further implies that this sacrifice can awaken a multitude of internal traumas of ours that are still open. What will you keep then and what will you let go of in your lives? How will you handle the impressive amounts of energy released by this eclipse? Will you take it all down and start your lives from scratch or will you make the titanic effort of bringing the opposites together? It’s up to you to decide...

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