Tuesday 29 April 2014

Solar Eclipse in Taurus: Enjoyment and Resource-Hoarding

On 29 April 2014 at 6:14 am, GMT, we have the first solar eclipse of the year on the 8th degree of Taurus, which naturally implies that both the Sun and the Moon are occupying the same exact degree of that sign. A solar eclipse is therefore always a New Moon. There is though a special energy charge to it because one of the two lights of our solar system (the Sun in this case) is ‘switched off’. This feature increases the importance of the New Moon and promotes procedures that have to do with our vitality, creativity and need to shine onto others. These procedures also have to do with our relationships with men and people in power in general and the father in particular. Thus, some important chapter associated with one or more of the above areas seems to be closing now in order for a new chapter to begin. Due to the nature of the sign of Taurus, the new chapter is directly related to our need for enjoyment of life while it is also related to our physical safety and income resources and has the potential for providing permanence and stability.

Moreover, because of the fact that Mercury is also in Taurus, our mind is clearly focused on the enjoyment of life and on financial issues such as our ability to save and hoard resources. Security issues in communications and transport are also among the possible scenarios of this eclipse. Furthermore, the trine of Pluto to the Sun and Moon can easily transform our financial situation but it can also relieve us from bad habits that have to do with material pleasures and body care. The sextile that the Lights receive from Neptune gives additional opportunities for pleasant escapes or for savings that probably come as the result of acts of charity or altruism. It is no coincidence after all that it is during these days that here in Hellas there is a great number of applications for the so-called ‘social dividend’, a benefit of at least 500euros provided by the state. To this end Venus, this New Moon’s sponsor, is of further help because it is still in Pisces and thus favors unconditional love and placement of value to charity and care of everyone who’s in need.

Let us not also forget that, similarly to the previous eclipse which was lunar, this eclipse too takes place with the famous planetary pattern of the grand cross in the cardinal signs involving Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto and Mars. In line with what we had mentioned in the post for the lunar eclipse, this planetary pattern gives off incredible amounts of energy which can drastically change one’s life. The difficulty is that some things will have to be left behind or completely banished from our lives in order for us to move forward with optimism towards the new chapter that opens with the current solar eclipse. The dilemmas are numerous and one has to seriously examine whether they are able to combine their faith in family (Jupiter in Cancer) and their efforts to save a marriage or relationship (Mars in Libra) with changes in their career (Pluto in Capricorn) or with their need to rebel without thinking about the consequences (Uranus in Aries). Because Mars is still retrograde and will return to its current location once more around June 10th, any actions we take now will not fully succeed until after that date, notably after July 20th when Mars will be completely liberated from its retrogradation. Enjoy the eclipse!

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