Friday 13 June 2014

Full Moon in Sagittarius: Family Adventures and Financial Difficulties…

On June 13th at 4:11am, GMT, there is a full moon in the social, philosophical and adventurous sign of Sagittarius. Just like with every full moon, this one too brings the culmination of procedures that have to do with our emotional life and family as well as with our relationship with women and the mother in particular. The Moon being in Sagittarius and in exact quincunx and mutual reception with Jupiter in Cancer (that is, one planet is in the sign ruled by the other), there seem to be a lot of social activities and travels that include our families but pose difficult, even traumatic, experiences because of the harsh aspect that the full moon axis receives from Chiron. Family adventures and break-downs at home are possible scenarios. Besides, with Mercury retrograde in the sign of Cancer, there is an unusual interest around one’s family, home, mother, homeland and the past. This unusual interest aims at reviewing our relationship with our families and home; the fruits of this revision will be visible around July 15th when Mercury, in direct motion, will occupy the same degree it occupies now.

In the meantime, consider the relationship you have with your mother, extended family and homeland. Take your time and immerse your mind in the waters of the past. The trine between cancerian Mercury and Neptune will favour thoughts and moves of selfless service to the people you consider family. However, the exact sesquisquare between Jupiter and Neptune creates obstacles, perhaps pleasant ones, in our effort to think clearly about these relationships. At its best this aspect will help us show our faith in the family and home (Jupiter in Cancer) by exhibiting a spirit of forgiveness and unconditional love (Neptune in Pisces). At its worst it will lead us to the apotheosis of ideals (Neptune in Pisces) associated with nationalism (Jupiter in Cancer).

It is also worth mentioning the exact Venus-Saturn opposition that brings potential financial difficulties and separations. This opposition is activated positively by Chiron which means that the financial or emotional blows received by some will be more manageable and tolerable. After all, the Jupiter-Saturn-Chiron grand trine is in a position to offer the gift of healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Caution, however, is needed because the Mars-Uranus-Pluto t-square may lead us to explosive power battles (Uranus-Pluto) that compromise our desire for diplomacy and peace (Mars in Libra). And with the exact Venus-Saturn opposition mentioned above frustrations and separations will be almost inevitable...

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