Friday, 27 June 2014

New Moon in Cancer: Emotion, Escape and Loss…

On June 27, 2014 at 8:08am, GMT, there is a New Moon in the protective and emotional sign of Cancer. The Moon is in her house, given that she rules Cancer, and so an opportunity arises for a long-awaited new beginning regarding our family, home and emotional life. In line with the previous New Moon, this one too has a strongly Neptunian feeling to it because Neptune is the planet that forms the tightest basic aspect to the New Moon. It’s a trine aspect so this time our need for escape, sublimation and inwardness (Neptune) easily finds expression (triangle) in emotionality, imagination and introspection marked by the New Moon in Cancer. Favoured is any escape (Neptune) with or away from (!) one’s family and mother (Cancer) while also favoured is any new beginning (New Moon) related to Neptunian forms of art and escape such as dancing, cinema, television and the sea​​. It is no coincidence that these days the World Cup favours the adoration (Neptune) of one’s country and nation (Cancer). Escape (Neptune) through history, nostalgia and the past (Cancer) is equally favoured, while art forms (Neptune) that promote antiquity, the past, the family, the mother and women in general (Cancer) will greatly benefit from this New Moon.

Nevertheless, the square that Venus receives from Neptune might create a lot of financial and emotional confusion. Attention is therefore needed in case you idealize people you love because disappointment and deception is the other side of Neptunian idealization. Attention is also needed in financial dealings related to transportation, communications, learning and commercial activities (Venus in Gemini) because there may be losses or deception involved (Neptune). After all, Mercury is still retrograde in Gemini, which means that barriers to transportation, communications and commercial activities are still on our daily agenda. These barriers can even take the form of unwise financial calculations or excessive value placed on ambiguity and uncertainty (Mercury retrograde disposing of Venus square Neptune). Be patient, however, because on July 5th Mercury will find itself back in the same position it is now, though in direct motion, so the obstacles and associated delays and misunderstandings will most probably be overcome by then.

Finally, Mars in Libra receives a number of harsh aspects which create difficulties in satisfying one’s desire for harmony, cooperation, diplomacy or even marriage (Mars in Libra). On the one hand, the harsh activation of the Uranus-Pluto square by Mars leads to explosive power battles that may entail profound and perhaps revolutionary changes for relationships and partnerships. On the other hand, the less harsh activation of the Saturn-Chiron trine by Mars brings about feelings of professional limitation as well as the need for acceptance of material barriers to collaborative initiatives. Furthermore, the activation of the Saturn-Uranus inconjunct by Mars galvanizes the conservatism (Saturn) vs. progress (Uranus) dilemma in which many may find themselves now. However, if we accept (Chiron) that every end (Saturn) gives birth to a new beginning (Uranus), then it will be easier to manage the pain of loss that any radical change is bound to bring (Pluto). And do not forget, the New Moon favours escape and art (trine Neptune) as means of expressing one’s feelings of pain of loss (Moon-Pluto opposition)! Enjoy the New Moon!

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