Tuesday 4 April 2023

Full Moon across Aries-Libra: Reset in Relationships and Collaborations


On April 6, 2023, at 4:34am GMT, there is a Full Moon taking place across Aries-Libra, the axis of Me and Us, Peace and War. Like every Full Moon, this one too culminates processes that began with the previous New Moon, the one of March 21 in this case. That New Moon must have prompted many to do some type of reset in order to break shackles on a mental level as well as on others.

Now, with Jupiter and Chiron participating in the Full Moon axis, the spotlight falls on the need to reset relationships and partnerships by healing wounds and releasing oneself from patterns of victimization. However, caution is required because Venus, the Full Moon’s dispositor, is conjunct the fixed star Capulus and, thus, brandishes her ‘sword’ and can easily turn one from a ‘victim’ into a ‘perpetrator’ and vice versa. The only solution will be to transcend these roles so that forgiveness prevails, as well as surrender to the universal flow and will (Venus sextile Neptune). After all, Mercury has already entered Taurus and allows for the appeasement of spirits following a radical change in mindset (Mercury-Pluto separating square).

More specifically, emotional patterns and habits along with thoughts and ideas about family and home life are at the center of our spiritual development at this time (Mercury at the Moon’s pure exaltation and conjunct the Lunar North Node). Through targeted actions and initiatives that operate on a psychological and emotional level, one will be able to recognize these emotional patterns and discern those that no longer serve him/her so that he/she can start the process of discarding them (Mars-Saturn trine in water signs and in sextiles with Mercury). The two-month stay of Mercury in Taurus - due to its pending retrogradation - will give the required time for the above processes to take place. So then, will you be willing, under this Full Moon, to begin the process of getting rid of unhelpful or unhealthy emotional patterns and habits?

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