Monday 17 March 2014

Full Moon in Virgo: Striking the right balance between fantasy and reason!

On March 16th at 5:08 pm, GMT, there is a Full Moon taking place on the 26th degree of Virgo with the Sun being directly opposite in the sign of Pisces. Another full moon, hence more effort by us all to strike the right balance between two opposing forces. On the one hand, the Sun in Pisces brings out the importance of imagination, visualization, art and escape from reality, while on the other hand the Moon in Virgo asks for groundedness and reason in order to refine our skills and apply them in our everyday work. The Piscean imagination therefore contradicts the logic, practicality and perfectionism of Virgo. Saturn, as the only planet forming a basic aspect, and a positive one, with the axis of the Full Moon shows that perhaps it is not so hard after all to strike the right balance between imagination and logic. The trine to the Sun shows the ease with which the artistic creation and the importance of imagination (Sun in Pisces) can be socially acknowledged  and tested in real life (Saturn), while the sextile to the Moon in Virgo brings opportunities for improvement and refinement of any of our skills.

Moreover, Mercury, this Full Moon’s dispositor, is in Aquarius and thus favours pioneering, groundbreaking and innovative ideas. The value attached to innovation is exacerbated by the presence of Venus in Aquarius in sextile with its dispositor Uranus. In spite of the square that Mercury receives from Saturn which still limits our communications and weighs our mind down with obligations, the trine Mercury receives from Mars brings boldness and militancy in our communications. This aspect definitely favours the promotion of innovative ideas and cooperative or artistic initiatives/ventures (Mars in Libra) that aim at implementing these ideas. Nevertheless, Mars is still retrograde, so we still need to "take it easy" and to sort out any outstanding issues of the past before we can apply the ideas that popped up in the light of this full moon. The end of Mars’ retrogradation comes in mid-May, so let's wrap up by then any unfinished business regarding cooperative initiatives and ventures. Enjoy the Full Moon!

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